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Today, I’ve come to realize that I’ve spent most of my childhood in hospitals. I’ve spent half of my life being confined to hospitals in two different countries because of asthma attacks. Been in and out of it more than nine times inside the past two years. Been a patient three times this year alone. The majority of my family members are either nurses or doctors, and I’m so used to having my blood withdrawn from me daily to the point where I no longer wince and I know exactly which type of needle the phlebotomist uses and how much red blood cells and white blood cells I have. I own a Littmann stethoscope and I know how to check my own blood pressure. I know the normal and abnormal ranges of electrolytes lab values and I keep track of mine. I am not scared of corpses and formaldehyde does not bother me because I’ve seen death so many times. I have a degree in health sciences and oh, I am currently writing a fan fiction in which my main protagonist is a med school student because I can’t think of any other profession that will make the character more real and tangible to me. My life is one hospital AU. Just waiting for my McDreamy or McSteamy to come and find me.

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