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Disney’s tribute to Robin Williams at the end of Aladdin. 

That’s… actually really beautiful.  Well done, Disney.

I actually watched Aladdin on Disney Channel a few days ago and not only did they show this image at the end of the film but they showed the entire movie completely commercial free. That’s how much they appreciated him.

Well done Disney, well done.

Now that’s some grade A respect from Disney right there.





So my mind seems to have this bad habit of making me write ffics based on fanart instead of continuing whatever ffics I have planned or already ongoing. So here goes! Or link’s here, just give me a like or reblog to share just to let me know if its any good.




Why was she even here?


The blonde shook her head and sighed, realizing she had spoken her thoughts without knowing. It took a moment before the bouncy girl registered what the blonde had said.

“Oh, oh! Because we kissed, of course. What else?” The redhead’s shoulders shook as she giggled. Somehow, it felt nice, to hear her laugh. The tension in the blonde’s shoulder slacked a little and let her lips form a small smile. She moved a hand to her lips, her smile grew an inch wider. It wasn’t something she regret.

Maybe a little. Two hours ago, she was just on her way to the store, running an errand. The blonde was supposed to get lunch for her and her siblings. While walking to the closest 7-11 store, she heard a bunch of yelling and screaming. Curious, she decided to check it out. Her siblings could wait a couple of minutes, she thought, as she exiting the alley of opposite direction of the store. What she found was something beyond what she could have imagined. A large group of people, perhaps a hundred or two, holding up colourful signs and boards.

“Lesbians are humans too!”

“LGBT rights!”

“Love thy neighbour, didn’t he say that?”


Yelled the people. Some people were wearing colourful clothes, some even had colourful skin! Some had their face painted with the colours of the rainbow, it was the most colourful thing she had probably ever seen.

It was beautiful, she thought.

But tragic.

The mayor of town was a prideful man, and he was never fond of the LGBT community. He would never let such a thing be known to public, he wouldn’t let them do this. What were these people doing, trying?! They were practically attempting suicide!

The blonde turned to her right, and the sight before her proved her right. A line of men in black uniforms, with luminous strips on them, holding up shields and batons with the word “POLICE” on them. They were attempting to surround the bunch of them but the protesting group kept spreading more and more wide out, preventing them from doing so.

And if the police thought they had the upper hand by spreading them out, they were so wrong. From alleys and the other side of the main street, the blonde watched as more and more people join in. People in their working uniforms, people from the stores nearby, parents, children, and even elderly.

The blonde clutched onto her blue sweater and pulled it over her chest and gritted her teeth. She wanted to badly to stop this, but what could she do?

In a flash, a flash of white and red appeared before her and the next thing she knew, she was in the arms of a young lady, in the middle of the crowd. She could feel herself not the least bit in balance. In fact, about eighty percent of her body weight was probably on the arm under her hips tracing down her back. A pair of soft and firm lips were pressed onto hers. The blonde leaned back into the arms, pulling herself away from the pair of delicious lips, regretting it immediately.

Her regret was washed away by a wave of relief as those luscious lips came again, biting her lips, sucking it, pulling her back up a little. She gasped and immediately, a tongue entered her mouth. The blonde tried to push it out with her tongue. If tongues involved, it should be her tongue in the aggressors’.  She fought, she sucked, even bit onto it lightly, but the assault never stopped. Soon, she found herself giving in and her tongue was dancing along with her partner, getting lost in their own little world.

Their little dance was abruptly interrupted when a strong arm pulled her away. The blonde was only able to catch a glimpse of her assaulter before two men in black stood between them. Teal green eyes and red hair was all she could remember before a baton struck her at the back of her neck, knocking her out.

The blonde didn’t know whether to be relieved or annoyed when she woke up to the same red hair and bright green eyes. And freckles. Lots of freckles.

“Hi, I’m Anna. What’s your name?” She didn’t speak upon hearing the question, she was too busy watching those lips move. “I hope you’re alright. I told them what really happened and that you weren’t a part of this but they refused to listen to me. Stinkers. Apparently a kiss is a kiss, public display of affection, especially of homosexuals are strictly against the law, they said. So we can’t get out until next week.” She rolled her eyes.

The taller girl shook her head wondering if all that happened was a dream, rubbing the back of the head against the lady’s shoulders. Anna looked at her worriedly and asked, “Do you remember me? Can you stand?”

The blonde stood up and glared in annoyance, but Anna didn’t seem to get the message and continued rambling on and on.

Ok, so maybe she regretted the kiss now. But those lips! And her tongue!

The blonde wondered if Anna was knocked out like her in the place first, she was too chirpy for someone who had just woken up like her… She glanced at the clock. She had been unconscious for almost two hours.

“You seem proud of yourself,” The white-haired lady muttered with her arms crossed.

“That’s because I am!” Anna said with a smile, she was practically radiating with glee. She turned to touch the wall with lines on it and mused, “Y’know, I always thought these lines popped out, like bumps on the wall or something.” She then proceeded to lean towards it and placed her hand on her hair before leaving the wall.

“Oooh! I’ve grown 2cm!” She squealed.

“That’s because of the bun on your head, you idiot.” The blonde rolled her eyes, ignoring the redhead’s ‘oh’. She then helped the girl measure her height. Since she was taller, it definitely helped to see where the shorter girl’s head really was on the wall’s scale.

“165cm.” Anna huddled her hands again and hopped on the spot.

“1cm’s better than none!” She squealed.

Two hours had been too long to get food. March and Luff were probably worried now. What if they thought her sister had been abducted?! Kidnapped?! Sexually assaulted?! Oh, no no no… Knowing Luff, he’d probably dragged March out to look for them now, what if something happened to them?! She had to get to them now. Wait, did she just say next week?!

Elsa walked to the door and was about to knock when it swung open.

“Alright, ladies, take your places.” A man came, and shoved two signs to the both of them.

The blonde flipped hers and read, “Elsa F37208816” and then looked at Anna’s. “Anna F37208817”. They must’ve taken her ID. Now that she think about it, her wallet was missing. They had probably taken it…

Anna managed to steal a peak at her sign before taking her position, “Elsa, huh? Pretty name.”

Elsa didn’t respond.

“Cut the chit chat, now stand by the wall!”

Anna placed a hand on her hips and struck a pose. God, judging by the wide grin on her face, she really was proud of herself. Elsa, on the other hand, merely held it and frowned. She was going to jail for a kiss. Her family was going to starve to death or die because of a kiss. A god damned kiss. Life was freaking kidding her.

“Say cheese!” And the camera flashed.


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